A single key to unlock the business of PwC Tower in Milan
How to manage and control entrances by assigning different authorisation levels through a master key system

Location: Milan, Italy
Architect: Studio Libeskind

In the CityLife district in Milan, the PwC Tower is a skyscraper known by the Italian nickname “il Curvo”. The building is 175 meters high with 30 floors. The special high-performance glass cells on the façade, the dome’s glass photovoltaic panels, air conditioning systems and rainwater recovery and recycling system helped the tower to meet international standard environmental sustainability requirements. The project required the installation of a flexible solution for technical staff to easily access specific rooms located on the floors of the building.


In a complex facility like the PwC Tower, factors like access to emergency openings, technical and service rooms according to a defined organizational chart, protection against illegal duplication of keys and authorization management all come into play.

Our contribution

Master key system equipped with a CSF F9 vertical key cylinder - reducing the number of keys and resulting in a significantly more secure building - represents the the solution proposed by ISEO and provided flexible systems for the various functions spread over building’s floors, ensuring building access management and control, and allowing for future developments and space distribution. Today, the building enjoys the following advantages:

  • with a single key, the technical staff can access several gates located in specific areas, also thanks to the different levels of authorisation;
  • protection against illegal duplication of keys by unauthorised individuals.

The CSF F9 vertical key cylinder, protected by trademark, is also multi-profile and can be integrated into a single multilevel master-key system. In the future, it may be upgraded by adding the CSF F9000 system with mechatronic cylinder.

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